Spot Removal Guide Falls Church | How to Get Blood Out of Upholstery

HOW TO REMOVE BLOOD STAINS FROM UPHOLSTERY If the blood is wet, take a damp sponge or cloth and gently blot the blood stain. Try to avoid scrubbing, as that can push the blood further into the upholstery. Begin on the outside of the stain, and gradually work inward If the blood stain is dry, use a toothbrush to scrape off any residue before you begin blotting. Mix a cup of cold water with a bit of club soda, and pour it onto the affected area. Using a sponge, continue to gently blot the stain. Repeat step 2 as the stain lightens. You can stop blotting with the sponge when it stops pulling blood from the affected surface.

Mix 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon laundry detergent and apply to the stain. Scrub with a sponge in a circular motion to gradually lighten the stain. Once the stain is removed, pour cold water onto the area, and pat dry with a towel. For more spot cleaning solutions visit Northern VA Carpet Spot Stain Removal Guide

This video will show several step-by-step cleaning solutions to remove blood from your upholstery.

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