9 Suggestions For Choosing The Best Cat Urine Cleaner

This is the very best cat urine cleaner Guide for those who ask some of the following questions:How to choose a cat urine remover?How to select a cat pee remover?How to find a feline urine odor remover?

With all this choice in an endless supply of products there is one problem and that is “CHOICE”. How do you choose the right one? how do you select the most effective product for you and your pet? Well I am going to share with you this secret whether your question is how to choose a cat urine remover, how to find a cat urine remover or how to select a cat urine remover.

The truth is you can spend days even weeks looking at different products and comparing features or value. But somewhere you have to draw the line, some time you will have to make a choice. That is the reason for this article, to save pet owners from wasting their time and money on something that they really are uncertain on. I have already spent my time looking at different cat urine cleaners that remove serious pet urine and I’m giving you this information as an easy to understand rating system.

To understand the system completely you will first need to have the 9 ESSENTIAL CRITERIA you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY must know before purchasing any cat urine cleaners. These following 9 criteria will allow you to make a quick deduction on any product, so you know instantly if it is a yes or a no! Without it you might be very disappointed with the product bought because of its lack of performance and without way of refunding it, you would be wasting money.

So for the pet owners who wish to find the best cat urine cleaner to remove those serious pet urine stains just use these follow 9 criteria’s.

  1. No fragrance to hide or disguise the odor since this will only fix the problem temporarily.Masking the odor may benefit the moment being, but wait 2-3 hours and that smell will be back. It is important to be able to smell the urine stain with out fragrances to tell if it was effectively removed. If the smell persists then total removal was definitely ineffective even if no stain can be seen.
  2. SIMPLE TO USE SAVING you time, effort and MONEY!Make sure the product is an easy one step process for its use! The last thing you need is to spend more time then necessary applying two or three treatments for total removal. I don’t think the company really cares the length of time it takes you to clean up since they are not the ones cleaning up the mess. I want it to be as easy as possible! Therefore should YOU!
  3. No claim to absorb or sponge the stain, since this will later require effort to clean any remaining remnants.Any product that claims to absorb or sponge the stain usually (but not always) requires an applying step, then wait after X hours to perform the second step, which is to vacuum or clean it up. To me this feels like double work and it would have to be cleaned thoroughly to remove all remnants of the cleaner.
  4. Unmatched quality GUARANTEED by the manufacturer that will remove all components of the stain from color, texture, odor and the toughest component of ALL! … … Uric salt crystals!A clearly stated GUARANTEE is important to you as the purchaser. This is your insurance and leverage as a customer. And it would not be smart to shop online with no form of insurance. Businesses today usually accept this form of risk to them and I would be suspicious of any business that did not CLEARLY state a GUARANTEE.The toughest component of urine is the “Uric Salt Crystals”. When seeking pet stain cleaner you should be trying to see what has it been tested on and what does this remove? Does this remove Uric Salt Crystals?
  5. Must prevent your pet from repeated soiling in the same area.The reason I was emphasizing about the Uric Salt Crystals is because it is these crystals that hold the marking scents of your pet. Remember how dog marks his territory by urinating around their area. Well it is these crystals that hold their scent in which they can find that same spot over and over again. If you can remover these Uric Salt Crystals then you can prevent this habit.
  6. Must be NON-TOXIC for YOU, children, pets and guests.I have a one and a half year old son at the moment of writing this article and for anyone who is a parent, toxic chemicals are a concern. We place all ours outside in the shed and up high so they are out of the reach of little hands. But if you are not a parent then you too should give a thought about the toxics used in your house. This is for you, your pets and for individuals you invite to come around to your house.
  7. Must have a long history (i.e. THIRTY YEARS) of customer satisfaction.If this business or product has been around for an extended period time then you can feel assured that the product may be good. The logic behind this statement is that with all the securities commissions around the world and the strong internet anti-fraud measures, a business will have to be legitimate to stay around for any long period of your time. If they were not legitimate then they would only be around for a short time before getting shut down. Scams come and go but a good business or product is around for the long run, that you can TRUST!
  8. Size.Just how much are you getting in one bottle? You want the bottle to last a while before you have to order a new one.
  9. Unbeatable value, including FREE bonuses, with out any drop in quality.What I am about to say may be common knowledge to some people, but the problem with ‘common knowledge’ is that it is not common. Once you have found your pet stain cleaner that seems to be a high quality product. You MUST ask “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!” If you purchase this product, what else are you getting? By carrying this out you will always get more value for your dollar.There is a skill to this as well, since you need to search for the not so obvious. Most people try to find the little free gimmicks like a free carpet cleaner included or a free black light to find stains (you will need the right UV frequency for it to work). But what I am talking about are extras that serve you. Are you receiving bonuses that you can sell? Might you get the opportunity to join this business affiliate program after the purchase and earn money off the product you tested (used). Is that business mosting likely to help you long term?, long after the purchase of their product.

So if you are thinking of purchasing a Cat Urine Cleaner to remove the most serious pet urine stains keep these following 9 criteria’s in mind as you will reach the best solution faster. They are legitimate points wherein pet owners must consider and for anyone having to spend money it is essential to ask if that money will return.

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