Water Damage Arlington VA

When water destroys a home it is not a pretty picture.

Water can destroy carpeting, furniture, walls, hard floors baseboards and drywall. Not to mention many keepsakes like pictures and other valuables can be ruined. Also, mold and mildew can start to grow and feed on all those materials. The smell of mold is hard to get rid of. But the dangers of breathing mold can create long term health problems.

The sooner Water Damage Arlington VA of NOVA Rugs can get up the water and start the dry down procedure the better the chances of restoring your home. Today we have the technology and equipment to dry everything in place so there is little disruption to your families life. We can restore many things that could not be restored years ago. First we will do an assesment of the damage. We will make sure it is safe to use the electricity and that the water intrusion has been stopped or repaired by a plumber.

Next we will begin removing the water. If it is clean water we can save the carpet padding and carpet. If there is standing water we will need to pump out the water first. Then we will follow up water extraction with our truck mount. After all the water that can be extracted out is extracted we will place dehumidifiers and fans according to IICRC (Institute of Inspection and Restoration Certification) cleaning standards. Some drywall may need to be opened up for drying the inside.

Finally we will track the level of moisture in materials to get them back to a dry standard. As we do this we may have to adjust the drying equipment and temperature. Once everything is dry we will remove the equipment and reinstall carpet. Finally we will clean & sanitize all affected carpet.

Call us today for an in-home water damage or mold damage inspection. We can give you an assessment as to the cost and time it would take to get your home back to the way it was before.

Water Damage Restoration Arlington VA

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